Body Whispering

Body Whispering- Communicating with your body to find out what it can Receive & Release to enhance your consciousness and Well-being ~Using a combination of several different modalities, including Access, Matrix Energetix, Reiki, Intuitive healing, Hands of Light, Spinology, psychic surgery & many other studies I have undertaken over the last 25 years, which all started after a near death experience, I had in my early 20's.
What to expect: Anything from a general feeling of wellness and alignment, to a complete shift in consciousness and realities.

What does the session involve: A combination of, Verbal processes, Running of Bars (check Bars Page), Energy Balancing, Intuitive reading, massage & anything else that is channeled.

Sessions Take between 1&3 hrs, depending on how much You or your Body can receive & integrate.

Investment By Donation (Donate according to what you believe you received e.g if you feel like you got lightly entertained like a night at the cinemas donate the amount a movie costs, if you feel like you received health benefits donate like you would a health professional doctor/massage therapist or if you feel like you have had a life changing experience donate accordingly)  

Location North Avoca NSW 2260 Australia. Or Mobile arranged on request!
Contact Me JD on 0481 333 480


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