Be-Quest Life Mastery Course (Mindfulness)

Supported by neurosciences, Quantum Physics, developmental psychology, Chinese Medicine, and vibrational medicine. Mindfulness for Life Mastery is NOT an obscure mystic philosophy anymore. It is one of the most powerful tools to tap into your intuition. Life Mastery mindfulness, not only teaches you to stay in the moment but also expands your awareness by taking you deep into your psyche.

Practices with guided exercises & Mindfulness Tools. Then begin applying the mindfulness lessons and heal hidden issues with impulsive obsessions like diet and compulsive behaviours.

Before you ask, no prior experience or special equipment is necessary to take this course

Introduction to Life Mastery

In this class you will:

*Learn the basic principles and purpose of Conscious Life Mastery through Mindfulness and the benefit of awareness practices
*Learn how consciously communicate with all of life

*get the Tools to Transform Your Life

Investment By Donation (Donate according to what you believe you received e.g if you feel like you got lightly entertained like a night at the cinemas donate the amount a movie costs, if you feel like you received health benefits donate like you would a health professional doctor/massage therapist or if you feel like you have had a life changing experience donate accordingly)

Where: Various venues

Ph. 0481 333 480 John



We teach another dimension to the Consciousness Life Mastery (Mindfulness)  which changes life from a passive technique random occurring events, To an active technique of directing the mind and emotions to bring about deliberate manifestation.


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