1/10/09 what is my body telling me that I am not listening to, that if i did would bring more joy to my being?
3/10/09 What do I have to be grateful for which I did not know about or forgot?
6/10/09 What beliefs do I have or hold which do not serve me in a positive way? And what would happen if I changed them now?
8/10/09 What is the greatest thing I can BE today and what do I have to let go of, to be that?
14/10/09 What question would God ask Me?
27/10/09 What is my body telling me that I refuse to listen to, that if I didn't refuse to listen to would change my relationship with my body and all of life?????
29/10/09 What question could I ask that I am too scared to ask, that would bring my abundant, ease filled life to me now & how do I feel & receive the energy of that now ?
2/11/09 What Answers do I have or hold, that I refuse to let go of, that if I did let go of, would allow me, to Be complete right here, right now and manifest as total consciousness?
4/11/09 What do I know, that I am pretending not to know, that if I would let myself know, would change my life and all those around me, for the better & manifest as total consciousness?
10/11/09 What am I Being?
12/11/09 Who is responsible for all that is happening in and around my life?
13/11/09 Who am I Today, & What Grand and Glorious adventures am I going to have?
2/12/09 What am I unwilling to receive that if I received it would change all realities and manifest as total consciousness?
19/12/09 What question am I too scared to hear the answer for?
8/3/10 What would it be like to receive me fully and totally?
What am I giving my power away to? or making myself smaller than? (e.g. science, government, finances, facts, majority rules, health, religion, fear, control ) and what does it fell like to take my power back from these things?
29/3/10“Are you more fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?”

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